Terms and Conditions

  1. Buyer has taken the deliver of goods at our factory premises so our risk and responsibilities ceases on delivery Ex. Godown at our factory only.
  2. Buyer has taken the delivery of goods in good condition and all responsibilities are buyer only after the deliver of goods.
  3. Goods once sold will not be taken back.
  4. Product is subject to inherent loss of moisture due to climatic conditions.
  5. Best before three months from the date of manufacturing.
  6. Buyer has taken the delivery of goods at factory delivery so all disputes are suject to Nimrani - (M.P.) jurisdiction only.
  7. Please make Dd/RTGS/Core Banking/NEFT Payable at indore only.
  8. All applicable taxes will be levied as per the rules of invoice value.
  9. We hereby certified that food/foods mentioned in this invoice is/are warranted to be of the nature and quality its/these purport at the time of delivery. The responsibility of the company regarding the quality and rate of the product covered under the invoice ceases after the dispatch of the material from the factory and also the company is not taking any responsibility damage/loss or any defect caused to the products.
  10. E & OE
  11. Any complaints / suggestion or in case of cancellation of order. Please fill free to contact to our customer care no. 9302101417 or email at sales@commanderfoods.com.
  12. Visit us at www.commanderfoods.com
  13. Ex. Works.

Note: Company has sold goods directly to you so make the payment in above account through RTGS / NEFT / DD / Cheque or any electronic mode to company only do not make payment to any other person.

Note: Payment has to be made within 7 days from the online order date to be confirmed otherwise this order without any notice will stand cancelled.

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